Who I am and What I Fuck

29 03 2010

I am just a dude who fucks chicks. To me, sexual conquests are like X-box achievements. The more chicks I fuck, the more trophies I feel like I deserve on my shelf. With this in mind I am not here to provide you with naked pictures from my sexual adventures or pills to make your pencil dick larger. Rather, I am here to challenge you to fuck with a purpose. On a weekly basis I will provide the readers of this blog to informal competitions that involve hooking up. For instance, the goal to achieve for the week may involve with hooking up with a chick of a specified ethnicity. Get your dick wet and comment on this page to tell about it. The more fucked up the story, the better. If you still aren’t getting it then read the fucking blog and you’ll see what I mean.



2 responses

29 04 2010
Sarah Baram

I am going to flat out honest with you… Your blog is so disrespectful. What movie did you see with a bad ass male figure that made you think you can do the same in reality? Be mistaken “dude”, you just look like an ass out here.

23 05 2012

The fact you are getting women so irate over simple writings is classic. “No such thing as bad ink” the saying goes and controversy sells. Well done.

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