Dude(s) of the week – May 4th

4 05 2010

I love Lady Gaga.

No, it’s not because she’s a talented musician, or even close to being remotely cute.   In fact, I sometimes doubt what lies between her (its) legs.

I love Lady Gaga because the bitches go crazy for Lady Gaga.  Go out to any bar, club, even house party after 10pm that has a DJ and you will see what I mean.  When Lady Gaga goes on, ladies lose their shit and air hump anything on the dance floor.  This makes the hunting easy, as they all become the retarded zebra in the back of the pack.

Now I’m not saying that Lady Gaga will be the dude of the week.  In fact, she’ll never become the dude or chick of the week until I see her fully naked in person. No, the dude(s) of the week are the brave men serving our country overseas.

Not only are these guys out there in the hot desert sand, serving our country, shooting the bad guys in the fucking face and chewing bubble gum, but they are geniuses.  Every single one of these guys will get laid.  Why?  Look at how they rock out to Lady Gaga! And as we previously went over, lady gaga makes bitches lose their shit.  Do the math.

I envy the size of their balls and wish them a safe return home.

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