Fuck Jillian Michaels

5 05 2010

What has low fat content, 5-7 calories per serving, and traces of zinc?

Nowadays, many chicks are obsessed with calorie intake and health food. I say, great, if it makes them look more fuckable.

Now, refer to the aforementioned question. The answer isn’t Coke Zero, it’s semen. People like Jillian Michaels need to lay off the wheat grass and take a few shots of the white stuff instead. Not only does it have a recommended amount of vitamins, it’s also great for the skin, and is a potential cure for lesbians of their illness.

I have such faith in its benefits that I might release a health video entitled, “The Thirty Day Load.” It will be a guide for a month long daily dose of concentrated protein that you simply won’t find at your local Jamba Juice.

Here’s another already satisfied customer:

A Full Day's Supply

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8 responses

7 05 2010

Only an ignorant ass like you would post something about a woman that has done so much to help other people overcome their problem of being overweight and what has gooten them to be overweight in the first place.You must have smoked a blunt or two before writing this about Jillian Michaels. Because anyone that has even a half of a brain would not have the balls to write something so ignorant, that is why others should not become offend by your uneducated blog and consider the source

7 05 2010

Only an ignorant ass like you would be blind of the 2009 drug allegations against Jillian Michaels. The use of narcotics to induce weight loss is not something I would refer to as brave or overcoming. The charges were dropped, but she was star of a top show so one can only assume her network got her cleared. Once again, overcoming on her part.

Only an ignorant ass like you would use a word like “gooten.”


9 05 2010


9 05 2010

The proof is in the pudding, Little Debbie:




Are you ready to shut up yet?

P.S. I also posted a link to an online dictionary. Have fun reading the “Articals”

25 05 2010

Do you follow your own recommendations? I’m SURE you do…I be you consume more semen than the ocean has fish. Have a great day…you’re skin must be LOVELY. 😀

29 09 2010

One shouldn’t recommend a medicine one isn’t willing to take as well, dickhead.

7 10 2011

If you guys are going to blast the blogger, please at LEAST check your spelling and grammar (Your and you’re are NOT interchangeable)! He is already going to s**t on you with a cruel rebuke, don’t give him more ammunition. As for the blog itself, I found it derogatory towards women in general (reducing the appearance of a woman to “fuckable”, insinuating that gay women can be “cured” of lesbianism), not necessarily a blast of Jillian. Sorry Ace, this post just didn’t satisfy my lust for hateful comments about Jillian. Even if I were a misogynist, I still find this lacking. However, I’m sure that the trolls will enjoy it. 🙂

23 05 2012

I thought it was funny as hell, shame they can’t see the satire. Latest article in yahoo talks about JM adoption with her “partner”, always thought she he had a preference for carpet cleaning. Manly facial features in my opinion. Funny write up nonetheless.

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