Chick of the Week – May 6th

6 05 2010

I was contemplating who to pick for chick of the week this week when a commercial came on.  After the commercial was over, I had my winner.

Any chick that allows a guy to touch her boobs because he’s gay is going to be an easy lay.   With Iron Man 2 hitting theaters this week, Scarlett Johansson is sure to turn some ordinary teenagers into rock hard Iron Men.  Congratulations!

Also, I would like to extend a very warm greeting to Sarah Baram, a fellow blogger.  Although her writing (and comments) tend to be full of grammatical errors and mediocre at best, Sarah is an aspiring writer who is attending college (and apparently, as she gets by with sugar packets from Starbucks,  has horrible teeth).  As most college students, Sarah is delusional about the real world, and is dying to move to New York City, where there is a great melting pot of starving artists.  Her book about a cocaine junkie hallucinating a fictitious love sounds boring as hell.   Sarah, thank you for providing the wordpress community with yet another shitty blog (

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